Space Ag Conference seeks to explore the potential of advanced agriculture technologies to transform the AgTech industry in space, with the understanding that solutions to space-based challenges can often be applied to those on Earth. Take a look at photos from last year's Space Ag Conference!

Our world’s production system is undergoing a dramatic shift towards sustainable practices and greater food security. Space agriculture and the technology it provides could help farmers produce higher crop yields with less land and energy. This is our opportunity to dream big and envision a bold future for agriculture

Goals of the Conference:

  • Encourage the next generation of innovators to dream
  • Explore agricultural possibilities through the lens of space
  • Showcase the challenges of space agriculture
  • Speed up collaboration and innovation
  • Highlight cooperation with NASA + space industry leaders

Those interested in the overlap of space and agriculture, including startup founders, government contractors and government officials. There will also be a heavy focus on educational opportunities to get high school and college students interested in agriculture and space. 

If you are interested in getting involved, email or call Andrew Jason ( | 218-556-2922).

April 4, 2023

University of North Dakota

Grand Forks, ND


Sherry Fieber-Beyer

Assistant Professor, Director of UND Observatory
University of North Dakota

Christine Escobar

Vice President & CBO
Space Lab Technologies

Ralph Fritsche

Senior Project Manager for Space Crop Production in Support of Deep Space Exploration

Sr. Research Scientist

Kris Kimel

Humanity in Deep Space

Marion Litzinger

Growing Beyond Earth

Breanna Pastir

Agriculture Teacher
Southeast Region Career and Technology Center

Mike Vinje

Center Technology Transition Lead

Adam Williams

University of Minnesota

2023 SCHEDULE - Coming Soon