Join us on October 24th, 2024 for our fourth annual Space Ag Conference, where we will dive — or, shall we say, launch — into the cutting-edge advancements in agriculture technology designed to revolutionize both space and Earth. By tackling the unique challenges of space agriculture, we unlock innovative solutions that can transform our agricultural practices here on our home planet.

Why? Our global production systems are undergoing a significant transformation towards sustainable practices and enhanced food security. Space agriculture holds the promise of helping farmers achieve higher crop yields while using less land and energy. This conference is your chance to envision a bold future for agriculture and explore the limitless possibilities that space technology offers.


  • Inspire Innovation: Encourage the next generation of thinkers and doers to dream big.
  • Explore Possibilities: Investigate agricultural advancements through the unique perspective of space.
  • Foster Collaboration: Accelerate innovation through collaborative efforts with NASA and the space industry
  • Address Challenges: Understand and tackle the unique hurdles of space agriculture.

What Can I Expect? You can expect to…

  • Engage with innovative ideas and explore the future of agriculture through the unique lens of space technology.
  • Discuss how advancements designed for space can revolutionize agricultural practices on Earth
  • Inspire and excite the next generation of agriculturists, offering insights into the strategies for sustaining permanent settlements on the moon within the next five years
  • Gain opportunities for workforce development, build essential skills, and make valuable connections
  • Discover unexpected collaborations and see how North Dakota is emerging as a central hub for space agriculture.
  • Most importantly, dream big and shape a sustainable future for agriculture and space exploration.

Who should attend? The Space Ag Conference 2024 is designed for individuals and organizations at the intersection of space and agriculture, including:

  • Founders: Innovators driving the future of AgTech.
  • Government Contractors and Officials: Key players in the development and implementation of space and agriculture policies.
  • Students and Educators: High school and college students passionate about agriculture and space, seeking educational opportunities and career pathways.
  • Those interested in the emerging future of space agriculture.

If you are interested in getting involved, email Andrew Jason.

OCTOBER 24TH, 2024

UND Memorial Union, Grand Forks