Startup Plots at the Innovation Campus

At Grand Farm, we’re passionate about fostering a supportive community that encourages collaboration, creativity, and innovation. Our Innovation Campus is a dynamic platform thoughtfully designed to showcase cutting-edge advancements in agricultural technology. Central to our campus, and adjacent to our main event space, these meticulously curated plots provide a live window into the future of agriculture.

Ann Nobriga speaking.

Ways To Engage


  • Ecosystem connection
  • Startup plots
  • Grand Farm AgTech Insights
  • Peer networking, conferences, Field Day, and programming visibility
  • Grand Farm Startup Catalog


  • Deal flow
  • Ecosystem connection
  • Grand Farm AgTech Insights
  • Grand Farm Startup Catalog

Plot Benefits

  • Ability to test and validate products in real-world settings
  • Exposure to Grand Farm’s network of growers, investors, mentors, industry leaders, potential customers, and more
  • Opportunities to collaborate with industry leaders and other startups
  • Visibility and recognition within the agriculture community
  • Opportunities to participate in industry events and conferences hosted by Grand Farm

Plot Information

  • 0.5 acre plot
  • Data connectivity
  • Electricity access
  • Field data from on-field AgTech devices and services
  • Custom farm management services via highly experienced contractors vetted by Grand Farm

2024 Startup Plots

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John Mann

John Mann

Program Manager of Startups