What is Grand Farm?

The Grand Farm Initiative, connected by Emerging Prairie, capitalizes on the region’s potential and expertise in the agriculture and technology industries. The Grand Farm Initiative will accelerate the research and innovation into technology which will be present on the farm of the future – impacting North Dakota, the United States, and the World by solving challenges in the agriculture industry and developing new opportunities.

The Grand Farm Initiative is designed to inspire collaboration among businesses, organization, and researchers to develop the future farm, which we believe will solve issues critical to farmers worldwide.


Our Moonshot

“We choose to go to the Moon in this decade and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard…”

-President John F. Kennedy, September 12, 1962

Our region has all the necessary parts to create the future farm prototype by the year 2025. The farm will help feed the growing world, develop new opportunities for our communities and align organizations to the evolving themes that will accelerate change.

The Grand Farm initiative is designed to take this moonshot and drive and orchestrate activities that enable awareness, collaboration, development and deployment of the identified requirements of the farm of the future.

The vision and milestones will be created around five strategic plans.

The Plans

Ecosystem: With the help of local, regional and national partners, Grand Farm will encourage and facilitate community engagement & open source participation, and will raise awareness for agriculture & technology projects everywhere.

Innovation: Identifying a model to increase support for new ventures, engage corporate partners, and create economic vibrancy for the state.

Makerspace: Onsite spaces for creators, chemists, builders and entrepreneurs–including interactive educational (and fun) things to do for students interested in Ag and Technology.

Accelerated Learning: All farms of the future will be dependent on technology, with farmers leading the way. Farmers and those developing those future technologies will be part of an education platform that is also part of Grand Farm. Emerging Prairie already has plans to launch a software engineering school in April, 2020, to support these technologies.

Policy and Governance: Proactive thinking related to public policies that would support ideas similar to Grand Farm (and the public spaces where future farms interact). Innovative thinking about the structure needed (and policies related to that structure) to create the conditions for future farms to exist.


Who are the key players involved in Grand Farm?

The Grand Farm initiative is spearheaded by Emerging Prairie with leadership from the following:

Barry Batcheller – Appareo Chairman
Kevin Biffert – Fargo Automation Founder
Jake Joraanstad – Bushel Co-Founder
Eric Hardmeyer – Bank of North Dakota CEO

William Aderholdt – Grand Farm Program Manager

Michelle Kommer – North Dakota Department of Commerce Commissioner
Lauris Molbert – Arthur Ventures Partner
Mike Derheim – The Nerdery Chairman
Greg Tehven – Emerging Prairie Executive Director

Brian Carroll – Emerging Prairie Director of Operations and Director of Grand Farm

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