What is a Grand Farm Partner?

We invest in and enable technology to feed the world. We facilitate innovation to solve some of the world’s largest challenges in agriculture. Our approach combines an ecosystem of relevant stakeholders, AgTech project facilitation through our Program Management Office, and research and development at our Innovation Facility.

Annual Partnership Breakdown

Ecosystem Benefits

Grand Farm is scaling a global ecosystem around innovation in agriculture. Through strategic connections, events, and promotion, we work to ensure established companies, startups, education and research institutions, growers, investors, and government are all collaborating and fostering relationships.

Access to the Program Management Office

Grand Farm’s Program Management Office works directly with partners to facilitate innovation by providing direct capabilities and services to ease technology research, development, and validation.  

Innovation as a Service

We work to identify commercial and custom solutions through our five-step process: initiation, analysis, sourcing, proof of concept, and scale.


Utilizing our team’s expansive knowledge and experience, we can help advise you as you think about innovation in your organization.

Project Facilitation

We provide partners with access to real-world farm environments providing a large array of capabilities and direct project management for technology development.

Land at Grand Farm

We are building a campus where growers, industry professionals, and educators will collaborate to deliver innovative solutions.


We help startups find applications for their technology that benefit everyone involved. Together, we tackle challenges and drive transformative solutions, helping growers achieve greater efficiency and effectiveness to nourish a hungry world.

Partner Stories

Tier Partner
$ 10,000
  • Access to Grand Farm ecosystem benefits


Tier Partner
$ 25,000
  • Access to Grand Farm ecosystem benefits
  • Access to services within Grand Farm's Program Management Office
  • Conference and event sponsorship


Tier Partner
$ 100,000
  • Access to Grand Farm ecosystem benefits
  • Increased + customizable access to the Grand Farm Program Management Office
  • Conference and event sponsorship
  • Access to customized programming/challenges
Partnering with Grand Farm

Partnering with Grand Farm is more than a name on a sponsor sign. It is a commitment to investing in and enabling technology to feed the world.

“Working with Grand Farm has been invaluable for our team. William and the team at Grand Farm have been excellent partners for us when it comes to assisting us with managing projects on the farm. They are very responsive and always follow through. They have been a great networking partner, introducing us to farmers, technology companies and industry experts to aid our work.” – KWS