What is a Grand Farm Partnership?

A Grand Farm Partnership is more than a contract - it's a collaborative effort. Together, we'll build and grow our region's AgTech community. We look forward to showcasing you and your team at Grand Farm events, through Grand Farm demonstration days, and media events.

Whether it's access to Grand Farm events, direct dirt time to test your product, or collaboration opportunities, membership is your direct link to all activities at Grand Farm, the project management office, and the Test Site.

Learn more about the benefits below!


All-Access Passes to Grand Farm Events

Host Your Event at Grand Farm

High-Level Sponsorships of Select AgTech Events

Wide Open Spaces to Grow and Share

Real World Dirt Time on Site

Work Directly with Grand Farm PMO

Onsite Test Plot Sign Recognition

Grand Farm Event Recognition

First-In Future Opportunities on Campus

Partner Participation

Be a Part of Our Thought Leader Network

Inclusion in Grand Farm's Media Network

Grand Farm Venture Fund and Innovation Platform