We create an inclusive collaborative ecosystem to meaningfully engage the next generation of agriculturalists.

The technology industry is constantly shifting and evolving, requiring a baseline understanding of often very complex systems. Getting to the core knowledge required to be effective with technology is important to the time and attention of growers.

Pain Points for Growers

Growers need one neutral spot to be able to ask their questions and find unbiased and real time answers. Grand Farm brings together a network of growers, technologists, corporations, startups, educators, policymakers, and investors to form a global ecosystem to work together to solve problems in agriculture with applied technology.

To better understand the grower perspective on technology needs and adoption, Grand Farm produces the Grower Pain Point Report. This report identifies the challenges of a grower that are to be shared with the global AgTech ecosystem.

By Dr. Ruchi Joshi Bhardwaj, Grower and Education Program Manager; Andrew Jason, Director of Ecosystem; and Dr. William Aderholdt, Director of Program Management Office.

Partnering Growers with Educators and Researchers

Mark Ottis, a North Dakota farmer, has been farming for decades. He believes that there is nothing you cannot know if you can ask the right question, and by applying his curiosity to his fields, he has created wealth, shared knowledge, and invested in the farm of the future.

Innovation Campus

We are building an Innovation Campus just west of Casselton, North Dakota. The campus is being designed in a way where growers, industry professionals, and researchers will collaborate to deliver innovative solutions and to demonstrate and research the latest in agriculture technology.

Innovation campus plan

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Each of our annual events have education workshops and components to bring together educators, researchers, and industry to build connections and transfer knowledge across generations.

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