Our Ecosystem

We introduce people with problems to those that can help them solve those problems and build collaboration within our ecosystem.

Learn how to partner with us to solve global problems, meet our growers who fuel our work, and explore research performed by leading industry experts all working together to feed the world.

Researchers and Educators

We create an inclusive collaborative ecosystem to meaningfully engage the next generation of agriculturalists.

Learn about how Grand Farm brings together universities, innovators, and industry professionals to accelerate economic development and develop food security and production. 

Meet Our Growers

We solve pain points facing the world and agriculture.

By putting growers at the center, we bring together policymakers, partners, startups, and universities to solve real pain points identified by growers. Our role in this is to act as the middle person to bring growers and problem solvers together.

We have convened a Grower Advisory Board, a group of innovative growers to provide advice, critical feedback, and recommendations to the management team on important agricultural and environmental issues.

Grower Pain Point Report 2023

We intend to bridge the gap between growers, researchers, and technology creators and supporters. This 18-page report identifies the challenges of a grower that are to be shared with the global AgTech ecosystem.

By Dr. Ruchi Joshi Bhardwaj, Grower and Education Program Manager; Andrew Jason, Director of Ecosystem; and Dr. William Aderholdt, Director of Program Management Office.

Access the 2022 Grower Pain Point Report here.

Corporations and Startups

We help corporations find tech startups that can accelerate growth for both parties. We facilitate events, conferences, and workshops to accelerate problem solving and connect likeminded thinkers.

Field Days

Join us for an opportunity to tour Grand Farm’s Innovation Campus, hear about the latest projects being facilitated, and connect with our team and partners.

Innovation Campus and Facility

We are building a campus where growers, industry professionals, and educators will collaborate to deliver innovative solutions.

Be a Part of the Future

Collaborate with the Program Management Office (PMO) and experience the transformative power of Grand Farm.

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