What is Grand Farm's Grower Advisory Board?

The Grower Advisory Board is a group of innovative growers from around the region who help advise Grand Farm on grower challenges, needs, and issues. These growers work with our team to provide their insights to help guide our work in positive directions. By working with our Grower Advisory Board members we are able to identify new opportunities to advance technologies and get those technologies in the hands of growers in our region.

Our Grower Advisory Board meets quarterly and if you are interested in collaborating with our Grower Advisory Board members send an email to Stetson Urlacher, Grower Program Coordinator, stetsonu@grandfarm.com.

Kyle Courtney grower advisory member

Kyle Courtney

Kyle is a grower from Dickey County, ND. On his farm, Kyle grows corn, soybeans, and wheat. Kyle is a past member of Dickey County Water Resource board, as well as former chairman of Dickey County FSA board and current CEO of Rentease. He is looking forward to seeing where the agriculture industry is headed and is looking to create relationships.

David Gorder grower advisory member

David Gorder

David is a grower from Grand Forks County, ND. On his farm, David grows edible dry beans, sugar beets, and spring wheat. David is a Member of American Crystal Sugar Co-op, Vice President of GF County Farmers Union Board, Owner of AcrePro Farm Agency. David is looking to contribute to the advancement of agriculture.

Verna Kragnes grower advisory member

Verna Kragnes

Verna is a grower from Clay County, MN. On her farm, Verna grows various vegetables and specialty crops and raises livestock. She also markets CSA memberships online through the Red River Harvest Cooperative and vegetables to area restaurants. Verna is looking to “advance technology that supports healthy living for the farmers and sustainability and health for livestock, crops and soil.”

Vanessa Kummer

Vanessa is a grower from Richland County, ND. On her farm, Vanessa grows corn, sugar beets, soybeans, and wheat. She is past chair of United Soybean Board and of North Dakota Soybean Growers, Farm Journal Foundation Farmer Leaders. Vanessa is interested in “continuing to learn with and from others about ag.”

Kathi Luther

Kathi is a grower from Cass County, ND. On her farm, Kathi grows soybeans, corn, and alfalfa. Kathi runs a seed dealership; she is involved with Bayer, Peterson Farm Seeds, Agassiz Seed and Supply, Wilbur Ellis and Pivot Bio and other companies. Kathi is looking to learn more about new technologies that are “farmer friendly” and cost effective.

Sarah Lovas

Sarah is a grower from Traill County, ND. On her farm, she grows various crops, such as wheat, corn, barley, soybeans, and sunflowers. She is involved in SBARE, ND Certified Crop Advisors, ND Crop Consultants Association, Traill County Soil Conservation. Sara is looking to learn about new agriculture technologies. She is also looking to gain industry collaborations and adopt new technologies.

Shelby Lyons

Shelby is a grower from Ransom County, ND. On her farm, Shelby grows corn and soybeans. She also raises livestock. Shelby is a member of the ND CattleWomen’s Association and NDFB. She is looking to get a first-hand view of the products being used in the industry and wants to provide useful feedback.

Chase Nelson

Chase is a grower from Cass County, ND. He grows corn, soybeans, wheat, alfalfa and aronia berries and has a flock of chickens. Chase is the organizer of the Aronia Berry Festival. He is also involved in Rush River Township serving as a supervisor. Chase is eager to represent growers in his county and state and help provide their perspectives to Grand Farm and our partners. He hopes to connect more with the AgTech industry and hopes to continue to learn about the future of agriculture firsthand.

Quinn Renfandt

Quinn is a grower from Ward County, ND. On his farm, Quinn grows a variety of specialty crops. He is a member of numerous agriculture-related organizations. Some of the associations include Red River Harvest Cooperative, USDA Farmers Market Promotion Program, North Dakota Forest Service, and more. Quinn hopes to “begin developing solutions that make economic and practical sense for the people who need it most.”

Adam Spelhaug

Adam is a grower from Richland County, ND. On his farm, Adam grows corn and soybeans. He is a Kindred FFA advisory board and alumni, Certified Crop Advisor. Adam is looking to advise Grand Farm in the best way possible. He wants to learn and implement new ideas for his own farm as well as connect with other leaders in the agriculture industry.

Mark Sumption grower advisory member

Mark Sumption

Mark is a grower from Brown County, SD. He grows corn, wheat, oats, and soybeans along with having a cow-calf operation. Mark is a former director for the East River Electric and Northern Electric Cooperatives. He hopes to connect with leaders in the AgTech Space and help other growers when it comes to agriculture technology.