Field Plots

For the 2024 season, Grand Farm has 31 field plots from 22 partners and 18 different organizations being managed at its Innovation Campus. Grand Farm works with industry, startups and researchers to develop plots in a real-world farm setting where the companies can demonstrate, research and validate their technology, products or practices.

This year, we’re excited to launch our Startup Plots, which are designed for early-stage startups to test their innovative products and technology. Seven startups from the U.S. and Costa Rica will demonstrate their technology ranging from a no-till planter to biologics, nano fertilizer, biostimulants, colloidal silver for disease control, and genomic early detection.

2024 Plots

Biologicals, Crop Nutrition, & Crop Protection

Pivot Bio
Demonstrating and evaluating the effects of their biological products on corn and wheat.
Completing a trial on corn to showcase advancement in fertilizer technology using biologicals and new fertilizer technologies to unlock nutrient availability.
Earnest Ag
Trial to assess the effects of their biological seed treatments with reduced fertilizer rates on soybean production.
Investigate the effects of their biological/nano-fertilizer product combined with reduced conventional fertilizer rates on soybean and corn yields.
Chapul Farms
Comparing the effects of Black Soldier Fly Larvae grass-derived soil amendments on corn yield and soil health.
Evaluate the feasibility of their elemental silver product for the control of fungal and bacterial leaf diseases in wheat grown in the United States.
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Crop Rotation & Drain Tile

Investigating how barley added to soybean-corn rotation may affect the soil in both drain tiled and non-drain tiled fields.
Investigating sustainable rotations and the effects of tiling on rye, sugar beets, corn, soybeans, and wheat.
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Crop Demonstrations & Crop Breeding Research

Demonstrating edible bean production in North Dakota with 6 varieties of pinto beans and 6 varieties of black beans.
Completing a number of soybean trials and demonstrations at the Innovation Campus.
Thunder Seed
Demonstrating their U.S. and Canada lineups of corn, soybeans, wheat, and sunflowers.
Conducting a long-term study to evaluate experimental sunflower materials for resistance to head rot disease caused by Sclerotinia.
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Equipment and Technology

Susterre + NDSU
Dr. Lindsay Malone & Susterre's trial is designed to investigate the efficacy of planting soybeans with Susterre's technology through varying depths of corn residue.
Demonstrating their high pressure water jet planting equipment.
Dr.Rex Sun will validate robots to manually remove kochia in sugar beets and to remove five different weeds in corn and soybeans.
Crop Diagnostix
Using corn plants to test their gene expression analysis technology.
Grand Farm
Creating a sensor sandbox on a soybean plot to demonstrate and showcase IoT sensor technology.
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2024 Field Plot Partner Map

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