Grand Farm puts the farmer at the heart of everything. We recognize that if we’re not solving growers' real problems, then we’re wasting our time. The industry has to be producing solutions that will be adopted by growers and this means that those innovations must be easy to implement, increase yield and productivity, and, probably most important, be profitable.

But what are those pain points growers face every day?

That’s what we hope to identify through these Grower Roundtables. By bringing together growers with industry, Grand Farm will lead a discussion around pain points facing growers in specific topics. For instance, in one month, we’ll talk about problems facing growers in regards to crop and soil management. 

How this will work is we’ll bring growers and industry together, have a group discussion on scoping out the project and then break everybody up into groups for facilitated discussions. These discussions will be led by a group leader who will track pain points. The groups will then come back together, discuss the pain points identified and document the biggest problems. Those pain points will then be put in a report, shared with industry and media, and used to guide the direction of Grand Farm.

Upcoming Events

Topic: Farm of the Future Design

As agriculture changes, so too does the needs of the farm. The Farm of the Future will be high tech and needs will range from strong connectivity to how autonomous vehicles are incorporated into the farm to how sustainable practices are built into the operations. As this change begins, what do growers want to see out of the Farm of the Future and how can industry begin to address these pain points?