What is Grand Farm?

We are a collaborative network of growers, corporations, startups, educators, researchers, government and investors working together to solve problems in agriculture through AgTech and innovation.

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We help growers grow more efficiently and more effectively to feed a hungry world.

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We introduce people with problems to those that can help them solve those problems.

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We direct applied technology to solve agriculture problems, which serves humanity.

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We help corporations find tech startups that can accelerate growth for both.

We Solve Global Problems

We work with small businesses, large corporations, startups, and research institutions to pave the way for applied technology to solve problems in agriculture.

Together, we help growers achieve efficiency and effectiveness to nourish a hungry world through a robust partnership program.

Grand Farm Innovation Campus
The Future of Grand Farm

We are building a campus where growers, industry professionals, and researchers will collaborate to deliver innovative solutions.

Our Impact

“Agriculture is the least digitized industry in the world. If there was ever a place to apply technology and innovation, it’s agriculture.”

-Jake Joraanstad, CEO and Co-Founder of Bushel

“There is a true entrepreneurial spirit in North Dakota and a wonderful ecosystem that has been created and does all it can to enable growth and success. We had such a positive experience that we selected Fargo as the hub for our midwest operations.”

-Ehsan Soltan, CEO and Founder of Soiltech Wireless

“Our state can be the leader in advanced agriculture technology as a place bringing together growers, established businesses, aspiring companies, and entrepreneurs.”

– Sen. Ron Sorvaag, North Dakota State Senator

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Experience the transformative power of Grand Farm, where dirt becomes a catalyst for collaboration and industry-shaping advancements. 

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