What is Grand Farm?

Grand Farm, led by Emerging Prairie, (whose mission is connecting and celebrating the region’s entrepreneurial ecosystem) aims to capitalize on the region’s potential in the agriculture and technology industries.

The Grand Farm Test Site will create the farm of the future by 2025 as the global example in solving challenges to farming worldwide, while unleashing vast new potential for technology for the greater good. It will do so by growing and inspiring regional businesses, organizations and entrepreneurs to collaborate globally in developing technological and human solutions for farming in a new era.


There are 25 experimental projects currently in progress at the test site. These include ventures into soil health monitoring, unmanned aerial systems, precision spraying, and more.


We’re positioning ourselves to be a catalyst for agriculture technology in the upper midwest, and eventually globally. Join our coalition of leaders and help usher in a new age of collaboration.


At the heart of our vision is a world where agriculture technology is centered around the needs of the growers. We envision a future where growers are empowered in their businesses and ventures.


Together, we'll build and grow our region's AgTech community. A Partnership with Grand Farm is not just agreement - it's a relationship. Get on the ground floor, and let's grow together.

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