Autonomous Farming Becoming a Reality Through Donation of Tractor

Fargo, ND -- Grand Farm, energized by Emerging Prairie, and in partnership with Sabanto, a Chicago-based robotics company specializing in autonomous agriculture technologies, announced today the contribution of Sabanto’s autonomous platform for Grand Farm’s Innovation Site farm operations to accelerate the deployment of autonomy into agriculture.

“One of the major challenges currently faced by farmers today is covering their acres at the peak of critical seasons like tillage, planting or harvest,'' says Brian Carroll, director of the Grand Farm Research and Education Initiative. “As we look into autonomous technologies, we’re learning more about how farmers could utilize technology to surge their capacity during these critical seasons.” 

Autonomy in agriculture has moved from the proof-of-concept stage to commercial reality for field operations like planting, drilling, mowing, tillage, and others. Sabanto is currently providing their technology to numerous farmers in the Midwest, on its way to perfecting its technology and equipment. Sabanto’s vision to solve agriculture's labor shortage with autonomous technology is being realized today.

This partnership will allow Grand Farm, Sabanto, and the entire ecosystem to expand the collaboration to find solutions to challenges as the continued evolution of autonomy becomes reality for more of today’s farms.

“There are countless opportunities for autonomy in agriculture that nobody is addressing,” said Craig Rupp, CEO of Sabanto. “This platform coupled with the ecosystem Grand Farm has created will certainly generate more momentum.”

Sabanto is a technology company that develops autonomous solutions transforming the agriculture industry. Sabanto has deployed numerous autonomous systems performing a vast array of field operations including tillage, planting, weeding, and mowing. Headquartered in Chicago, Sabanto has deployed their systems primarily in row crop agriculture throughout the Midwest.